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Volleyball Tournament

Although volleyball isn’t as massive as football or basketball is terms of viewership and money involved, it still has its place in top-10 most popular types of sport in the world. Just as basketball, it originated in the end of the 19th century in Massachusetts, United States. Nowadays it’s played across the globe, but is especially popular in Brazil, China, Germany and the United States.

Well-developed Professional Scene

Volleyball professional tournaments are usually divided by gender – men and women play separately. Also, there’s a division into indoor and beach volleyball, which influences the number of players – the indoor volleyball features six players from each side, while its beach version is played 2v2. The most prestigious competition is FIVB Volleyball World Championship – currently it’s held every four years and is open for senior national teams. Also since 1964 this type of sport is a part of the Summer Olympics. Apart from the international competitions, it has the highest number of national federations across all types of sport – over 200 leagues were registered with FIVG. All of the above make volleyball an available option for punters as there is enough variety of events with decent odds to place money on.

Volleyball Betting Features that Make Them Stand Out Among Others

An exciting sports discipline itself, volleyball is also a great source of winning bets for sports fans. The game has several versions, and its major variants are indoor and beach volleyball.

The first thing that makes this sport stand out is that your chances of winning in volleyball betting are higher because there is no draw. Also, there are plenty of events in the betting lines. There are more than fifteen major volleyball tournaments held on an international basis (World Cup, Nations Leagues, etc.). Together with local leagues, they will let you bet on volleyball all year round!

Betting on Volleyball with GG.Bet

An essential element in every sports betting strategy is a trusted bookmaker with correct and profitable odds. GG.Bet is your best choice since we offer several important advantages over competitors. With an official license, we have the right to accept bets legally and all financial transactions are secure.

You can bet on loads of volleyball matches in pre-match and live modes. We offer an impressive choice of markets, free broadcasts and highly competitive odds. Our analytical center processes huge volumes of data to provide bettors with proper odds and helpful statistics.

GG.Bet is a mobile-first platform. You can enjoy premium-class services on our dedicated apps or join our bookie’s mobile browser version. We support trusted payment solutions. You can also benefit from our solid promotional program for sports.

How to Bet on Volleyball

A volleyball match continues until one team scores 25 points with a two-point breakaway. No draw is possible, so this set of markets will be at your disposal:

  • Match Winner. You bet on the victory of Team 1 or Team 2. If you are making initial steps in betting, make sure to start with this simple market.
  • Over/Under. This market is also called Totals because bookmakers offer possible sums of total points gained by Team 1 and Team 2 together. Your goal is to predict if the real total will be bigger or smaller than the estimated one.
  • A Handicap market for a volleyball match represents identical coefficients with opposite signs (for instance, +11.5 and -11.5.) Imagine Team 1 goes with a positive index. It shows that the bookmaker gives a head start to this team. Team 2 will need to beat its rival with an advantage of at least 12 points to make you lose your bet placed on Team 1.
  • Correct Score. GG.Bet may offer several variants of final scores in a volleyball game. The bet is risky, but it pays high.
  • Set Betting. The above markets may be available for betting on separate sets within one match. This type of bet is especially popular in live betting.

You can also find prop bet options for volleyball at GG.Bet. Here, you can make predictions about separate players. For example, how much this or that player will score, who will score the first, and so on.

Our volleyball betting lines also support Outrights for volleyball. Use it to bet on the winner of a tournament, for example in the Challenge Cup. As soon as many important tourneys in volleyball happen only once in several years, Outright predictions are worthy extras to amuse bettors. This bet will be very difficult, but the odds are always high. Usually, this market is for pros who know everything about volleyball.

How Volleyball Odds Work

Each market goes with certain odds. Our bookie uses the decimal system of their representation, but you can switch to the US or Asian variants, too. Volleyball betting odds serve as a sort of multiplier. Imagine you have wagered on an event with the odds of 2.5. You’ll get your bet multiplied by 2.5 in case you make the correct prediction. If you pick several events, the total odds for your bet will be multiplied as well, thus offering you a chance to win an immense sum of money.

Win Today in Live Volleyball Betting

GG.Bet offers one of the most impressive live lines for volleyball in the industry. Do not doubt that you’ll be able to wager on all major and minor events here. We also supply each event with a variety of markets. Our live odds are the best. Bettors can also profit from our free broadcast options and dynamic stats.

Major Competitions and Leagues with the Best Volleyball Betting Odds

Join our site, and we’ll provide you with complete coverage of all the major events in volleyball. We include each and every match in multiple tournaments. Let’s name the most significant of them:

The UEFA Nations League

  • Launch year: 2018
  • Frequency: every 2 years
  • Number of national league competitors: 55

Olympic Games

  • Launch year: 1924
  • Frequency: every 4 years
  • Number of national league competitors: 12

FIVB Volleyball World Championship

  • Launch year: 1949
  • Frequency: every 4 years
  • Number of national league competitors: 24

World Cup

  • Launch year: 2018
  • Frequency: every 4 years
  • Number of national league competitors: 12

European Championship

  • Launch year: 2018
  • Frequency: every 2 years
  • Number of national league competitors: 24

For these and other great championships, we offer the highest volleyball odds. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most profitable betting conditions. Take any volleyball tournament, and we’ll offer you piles of markets, live streaming for free, in-depth statistics, and many more.

Volleyball Betting Tips to Include in Your Strategy

It’s crucial to know the sport you are going to wager money on. The most useful tips for volleyball betting include the following:

  • Examine the portfolio of your targeted teams;
  • Pay attention to each team’s current form;
  • Familiarize yourself with the key players;
  • Track the injury records;
  • Never bet on unfamiliar teams;
  • Start with simpler markets;
  • First, try to win with smaller odds given for sure winners.

GG.Bet is a trusted bookmaker offering the most advantageous odds in the market and special promotions for betting on volleyball. You won’t miss an event with us, and our site is ready to arm you with all!


What Are the Rules for Professional Volleyball?

The game is played on a square field divided into two sections by a net. Two teams with 6 players play against each other. The goal is to force the rival to lose the ball and let it fall onto the ground. The team that scores 25 goals with a two-point advantage first wins the match.

Why Do Volleyball Odds Change All the Time?

Bookmakers can change the odds for one and the same event for many reasons. Factors like injuries, coach changes, player disqualifications, etc., may influence the odds. In live betting, they can change depending on the situation on the field and who can potentially win. Therefore, in this mode you need to be able to "catch" a favorable value.

Can I Place More Than One Bet on the Same Event?

Yes. You can place various bets on one volleyball event, which is called a multibet. It can also be used as a strategy, for example to place another bet to cover the one that didn't win.

What Statistics Should I Research to Predict Rightly about a Volleyball Match?

Use the GG.Bet Statistics section to get detailed reports on volleyball teams, their performance, recent matches’ results, and more. You can also read all the available info and track the news to place successful online volleyball bets.